With this tool, you write in clear strokes first, but you can add more info like this
The (Read More X, Y) tells your reader there's more info, if they need it.
The X variable is how many paragraphs are one level down; the Y variable is how many paragraphs total underneath - for example, you might want to go even deeper than one level down.
(Read More 1, 2)
The WRITER section is where you write.
As a WRITER, you can go down a level by typing "->" (no quotation marks) at the start of a new line; or you can press "Shift+Enter", which creates the "->" automatically; lower level paragraphs are not seen immediately by the reader.
As a WRITER, you can go back up a level by deleting the "->" at the beginning of your paragraph; pressing "Shift+DownArrow" will automatically delete a "->".
(Read More 2, 2)
The READER section is what your reader sees.
The CODE section is the code you paste.
The CODE is javascript, HTML, and CSS.
The javascript consists of two variables: w4rHome, a boolean, to check if the script is on my page (true) or yours (undefined); and w4r, an object, in which are the methods that allow reader interaction.
The HTML and CSS are prepended with "w4ri-" for id attributes and "w4rc-" for class attributes.
Hopefully the above will prevent collisions with other scripts and elements on your page.
You can also publish what you write to this domain and share the link.
(Read More 2, 5)

WRITER : Delete the text and write your own.

READER : This is what your reader will see.

CODE : Generate your code, or publish to this domain.

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